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Former Farmer Falcon 2018 graduates from SWRHS returned to their elementary school. ...
SWRHS 2018 Graduates Visit Farmer
EOG Parade & Pep Rally
EOG Parade & Pep Rally
Madalyn W. is Farmer Elementary School's May Artist of the Month.She is a 5th grade...
Madalyn W.
Gracie B.
Gracie B. and Principal
Paige H. is Farmer Elementary School's April Artist of the Month.She is a 5th...
Paige H.
Paintings created in Art class were donated by Farmer Elementary to Coffee Depot. ...
Coffee Depot
Tuan K. is Farmer Elementary School's March Artist of the Month.She is a 5th...
Tuan K.
Amanda Davidson
Amanda Davidson
Alice Davis
Alice Davis
Laura Hurley
Farmer Elementary Artists
Jennifer M. - Artist
Ben H.
Ben H.
Lynn Smith - Assistant Principal
Brady C. - 3rd Grade
February STAR Students
Rachel S. is Farmer Elementary School's January Artist of the Month.  She...
Rachel S.
4th Grade Student
K. Sexton
School Counselor
K. Martin