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Farmer held their annual school Spelling Bee December 7th.  3rd-5th grade homeroom...
B. Harris & V. Ward
4th Grade Student
K. Sexton
School Counselor
K. Martin
The Courier Tribune
The Courier Tribune
Final Results
Student Counting Cans from the Food Drive
Bullying Prevention
Students Dressed for "Black Out Bullying"
Wear Team Apparel
Teacher and Student Wearing Team Apparel
Drugs Awareness Days
Student Wearing Red Clothes
Wear Wacky Socks
Teacher and Four Students Showing Their Wacky Socks
My Future is Too Bright for Drugs
Two Students Wearing Brightly Colored Clothing
Wear Wacky/Tacky Clothing
Two Students Wearing Wacky/Tacky Clothes
Wear a Hat
Student Wearing a Hat
Fire Prevention Awareness activities were conducted by local fire departments for...
Students Visiting a Fire Truck
Box Tops for Education
Special Visit
This scholarship honors the late Lynda Petty, who dedicated her life to improving...
Mr. Martin