Service Club Food Drive at Farmer
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Thursday, November 02, 2017
Student Counting Cans from the Food Drive
Student Counting Cans from the Food Drive
Final Results

The Food Drive Winning Class goes to….MRS. NELSON!

As a school we raised 2791 cans of food!!!! This was very close to the Service Club’s goal of 3,000! Our BackPack program here at Farmer and our town food bank will benefit from the collected items. Thanks to all that participated with your classrooms and congrats to those classrooms that reached the goal of 100 or more cans! You will receive a small prize from the Service Club.

Strickland 393

Diehl 35

Hurley 106

Cruthis 46

Delk 106

Bryant 241

McElreavy 104

Jordan 50

Davidson 113

Nelson 406

Slimmer 164

Martin 46

Athay 162

Davis 195

Swaney 44

Skeen 59

Staley 201

Allred 320


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